Are they ahead of their time or just completely insane?

Rooney Mara brooming the floor


Looks like Rooney Mara dragged her broom with her from home and is mopping the floor to prepare for the Awards. Thanks Rooney!

Jane Fonda napkin dress


Someone doesn’t want to get her dress dirty when she eats. Looks like she is wearing a napkin around her neck. Seriously Jane?

Jennifer Lopez is bringing tacky back


Looks like Jenny from the block came to the Awards this year. This has to be one of the tackiest dresses. Even the man behind her can’t stop his smirk.

Cate Blanchett came in her grandmother’s nightgown


Cate was definitely trying to repel some stalker. We bet it worked… This dress is so unflattering, it’s as if her grandmother dressed her.

Emilia Clarke, the teenage witch


Don’t get her too mad, or she might just cast an evil spell on you. She seems to be deep in thought. Is she thinking about the potion she is making at home?

Heidi Klum had a fight with a bird on the way to the Awards


This feathery dress looks like it belongs in the jungle, not a Golden Globes Award Ceremony. We pity the bird who made Heidi mad enough to steal all its feathers.

Kate Bosworth the sequence Queen


This dress is made entirely of glitzy sequins. It might look like the kind of thing you may find in a garage sale, but we can guarantee this dress costs thousands of dollars. Looks like you got ripped off, Kate.