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Ed Sheeran Was The Most Played Artist in 2015

Ed Sheeran has had an amazing year. His beautiful voice and creative lyrics were loved so much that they made him the most played artist in the UK according to Phonographic Performance Ltd’s (PPL) chart.

The PPL chart measures music played in radio, TV, advertisement and even in bars and clubs. Ed Sheeran has managed to top their chart, which you might not be surprised to hear.

He managed to overtake both Taylor Swift and Olly Mars, who were the top of the list in 2013 and 2014. His most played song was Thinking Out Loud. A touching song which is both moving and inspiring.

Four out of the five most played on the PPL list were British. The only singer in the top 5 who wasn’t British was, obviously, Taylor Swift. The top 6 songs played in 2015 were all British songs.

This is higher than in the previous years, showing UK’s music scene is highly improving.

Adele was only 20th on the list, but since her new album only got released 3 months before the end of the year, chances are she will do extremely well in 2016.

Here is the PPL list:

Most-played artists 2015 Most-played tracks 2015
1 Ed Sheeran Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars
2 Taylor Swift Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding
3 Olly Murs Hold Back The River – James Bay
4 Take That King – Years & Years
5 Ellie Goulding Hold My Hand – Jess Glynne
6 Sam Smith Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran
7 Jess Glynne Sugar – Maroon 5
8 Years & Years Want To Want Me – Jason Derulo
9 Mark Ronson Up – Olly Murs feat. Demi Lovato
10 Maroon 5 Style – Taylor Swift

Miley Cyrus Shows Her Love For Liam Hemsworth on Instagram

Liam Hemsworth has finally spilled the beans on his getting back together with Miley Cyrus, to GQ Australia in the June/July edition. After breaking up in 2013, Liam told GQ that it was “actually a good decision at the time” despite it being “hard” because “we were both going in different directions and it’s just what needed to happen. We were both super young . . . we both needed that.

Well, now that you’ve both grown up, (well, kinda! Yes Miley, we are talking to you), we can’t wait to see  what their future will bring. Miley seems confident in this future…



Meanwhile, Miley is clearly head over heels in love with Liam. She posted on her Instagram on Sunday a cheeky mirror selfie with a shirt that has Hemsworth printed on the back. So cute!

We hope  Liam will post one back with Cyrus written on it. We won’t hold our breath though.

Kim Kardashian and other celebs call for better gun control reforms

Kim Kardashian, along with many other celebs, turns to social media and twits her frustration with the gun control laws in the US. After the FBI revealed that the Orlando terrorist, named Omar Mateen, who murdered 50 innocent lives and injured 53, was in fact previously listed on a terrorist watch list.

This was one of several twits, the mom of two said:

“I’m truly at a loss for words. To everyone in Orlando affected by this massacre, my thoughts, love, & prayers are with u.

“Under current federal law people on terror watch lists can legally buy guns — this is called the Terror Gap.”

“I just can’t believe this is the world we live in today.” Katy Perry also posted on her twitter.

Ariana Grande wrote: “How how how how can one have so much hate ????? My heart…… is so broken. Praying for the families of the Orlando victims. I am so sorry.”

As pictures were released of the aftermath of the attack, as well as of the victims whose lives were taken from them, the world was in shock.

Justin Timberlake said: “Last night – in celebration of pride- a group of people – people like you or me or your neighbours or family were dancing & listening to music & celebrating life, just like you or me or your neighbors would. And then, one man and one gun took that life away from them. That’s cruel. And it’s exactly against what America stands for.”

Taylor Swift is shaking her breakup right off

Thanks to support from her friends and family, Taylor Swift is shaking her breakup off! She seems to be handling the recent breakup from Calvin Harris extremely well. 1462454660-hair-flip-taylor

You may have heard about the shocking split between the couple recently. Many were convinced that they would be getting engaged soon, but the opposite happened instead.

Just last week, Taylor was spotted cheering Calvin on in Coachella, where he headlined. Things happened quickly and caught everyone off-guard.

We are happy to see how well Taylor seems to be doing though, and are sure this breakup will bring about a whole lot of amazing songs. The couple was together for a whole 15 months.



Justin Bieber’s New Nose Ring Has to Go

Justin Bieber’s new nose ring is the furthest thing from attractive. After Justin Bieber posted a picture on his Instagram, showing off his new bling on his nose, fans have called out in disgust and are encouraging him to take it off.

It’s obvious that Justin is trying out a new style, starting by completely changing his iconic hair style that was a Bieber classic, but a nose ring should not be part of this new style.

Is it another cry for attention or is Justin seriously trying to pull off this new style? There’s nothing wrong with a guy who prefers to look slightly feminine, but since Justin already has a pretty feminine face, the nose ring just takes it slightly overboard.

What’s next? A dress and heels?

Taylor Swift crashes wedding just days after her breakup

Just days after her breakup to her 15 month long boyfriend Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift crashes a wedding to perform Blank Space.

She even adds a cheeky picture on her Instagram, together with the newly married couple,Max Singer married Kenya Smith, and captions it ‘Third Wheel’.


The grooms sister apparently invited Taylor to perform at the wedding, after reaching out to her over their recent loss of their mother. Max was a huge fan and even danced with his mother to Blank Space in the hospital.

Taylor performed the song Blank Space on the piano in front of all the guests, while Max and Kenya enjoyed their first dance.

Kim and Kanye – Is a $1 Billion Divorce Likely?

When you’re that famous, rumors are always likely to spread. Fans are pulling their hairs trying to decide which rumors are true and which are exaggerations. Are Kim and Kanye getting a divorce?

We have done the research, and here is what we found. Star has blasted in this weeks edition that $1 Billion dollar is at stake in a divorce between the two. They claim that Kim has been faking her happiness on social media and that in fact she is having daily tantrums.

Kanye has posted all over twitter that he is having some serious money struggles, which is always an issue in a relationship.

GossipCop was the first to stand up for the couple. They claim that this is the second time that Star has tried to spread a divorce rumor about Kim and Kanye.

“Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still not getting a $1 billion divorce, despite a tabloid making such a claim for the second time this year. Gossip Cop can once again exclusively debunk the report. There was no truth to it in February, and there’s still no truth to it now,” writes gossip-busting maven Shari Weiss.

Photo by accidentalpaparazzi

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Spotted on a Dinner Date in West Hollywood

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have been spotted together on many occasions since February, and almost everyone is convinced that they are dating. And we couldn’t be happier!

After everything Katy has been through with Russel Brand, who broke up with her through a text (seriously?!), she deserves to be happy.

Katy and Orlando met at the Golden Globes Awards, and hit it off almost immediately. They’ve been to several plays, dinners and even holidays in Miami together.

A photo posted by James L (@jameslecesne) on

Orlando has also been spotted getting all cosy with Selena, so we aren’t sure what to think. But we are sure it doesn’t mean anything because Katy and Orlando left together in the same car last week after their dinner date. Now THAT means something!

Well, let’s see how it goes between the two. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Jennifer Lopez In a One Piece – Hell Yeah!

Our girl JLo, proves that age has nothing to do with beauty, as she flaunts a picture of her gorgeous one-piece on her Instagram. Jennifer Lopez is proof to everyone out there, that being a mom does not mean giving up on your looks. She may be 46, but she still looks as good as when she was in the 20s.

By the pool for my girlie Tera’s Bday!! #familia #lasvegas #AllIHave

A photo posted by Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) on

Yes, that’s right, family time at the Lopez means getting in a one piece, and sharing a gorgeous picture with all your fans. Boy, were fans pleased. The reaction to the picture was insane, with over half a million likes!

Happy birthday Tera! Thanks for giving JLo and opportunity to share such an amazing picture with the rest of us.

The Playboy Mansion has found a buyer!

LOS ANGELES— The Playboy Mansion has been looking for a buyer for the past two months. The price? Only $200 million. No big deal!

Here is the catch (if the huge cost wasn’t already discouraging), the house comes with Hugh Hefner, who will continue to live there after the house is sold. According to The Wall Street Journal, The place has found a buyer regardless.

In 1970, the estate was purchased for $1 million, which was reported as the highest price to be paid for any estate in Los Angeles at the

The mansion is 20,000-square-foot, and is said to have hosted some of the best parties Los Angeles has ever seen. We can’t wait to find out who it is that is currently signing the contract that will make them the new owners (and caretakers of Hugh Hefner, of course).