When it comes to Oscars, Jennifer Lawrence is pretty good at finding the best roles. She’s so loveable, it is hard to be too surprised. Her passionate and convincing acting has meant she can star in roles regardless of age, personality or looks. She can do it all.

She already been nominated three times and has taken one oscar home. In her next role she will star as Elizabeth Holmes in a film about Theranos, the biotech startup that was valued at $9 billion. The book is being produced by Adam McKay, the producer from The Big Short, a movie about the housing crisis that was based on the book by Michael Lewis.

Theranos has had a huge struggle recently as they are being investigated by The Justice Department and SEC. Walgreens is immediately closing 40 Theranos wellness centers and removing any trace of Theranos from its stores after a blood test didn’t work.

Regardless of Theranos’s failures, the movie is expected to be a huge hit.