LOS ANGELES— The Playboy Mansion has been looking for a buyer for the past two months. The price? Only $200 million. No big deal!

Here is the catch (if the huge cost wasn’t already discouraging), the house comes with Hugh Hefner, who will continue to live there after the house is sold. According to The Wall Street Journal, The place has found a buyer regardless.

In 1970, the estate was purchased for $1 million, which was reported as the highest price to be paid for any estate in Los Angeles at the time.playboy1_e743bbec8682726e1ffbbaf1815304e4.today-inline-large2x

The mansion is 20,000-square-foot, and is said to have hosted some of the best parties Los Angeles has ever seen. We can’t wait to find out who it is that is currently signing the contract that will make them the new owners (and caretakers of Hugh Hefner, of course).