About StarMock

StarMock is exactly what it sounds like.

This site’s strict restrictions block readers with over 30 million Instagram followers and those who get paid six figures for two hours of lip-singing. For those who aren’t in this category, enjoy StarMock’s nitpicking of celebrity dance moves, hairstyles, non-existent pregnancies and failed relationships (yes, celebs seen talking are most likely engaged).

There is an old-time proverb that has been passed down for generations, “Push others down until you, yourself, feel like a better person.” This has become the blood that gushes through the creative veins of StarMock contributors and motivation of millions of readers to wake up in the morning.

StarMock is the premier news source for reading absurd things about famous people. Some things aren’t true. Some things are. Some things are in that grey area. StarMock resembles the likes of a chicken nugget- you’re not sure which part it is, but it’s definitely chicken.

Contact: jd.starmock@gmail.com