Adele shows her love for the 90s girl band by briefly singing Spice Girls during a recent concert.

The crowd went insane, cheering as Adele showed how much she loved the Spice Girls. At one point Adele even said “Stop it! I’m not a Spice Girl!”

Emma “Baby Spice” Bunton captured the moment herself, and posted the video of the moment on her twitter account. You can hear just how loud the crowd gets.

She also couldn’t resist dancing around the stage, singing a line from the 1997 hit single “Spice Up Your Life,” while the crowd cheered.

Adele revealed her love for the girl band earlier this year when she appeared in James Corden‘s Carpool Karaoke. They sang along to Wannabe, and Adele admitted that she loved them growing up.

Adele even told James that she used to have Spice Girls themed parties with her friends.

She admitted that they were an inspiration for her, growing up. “It was a huge moment in my life when they came out, It was these five ordinary girls that did so well.”

Go Girl Power!