You may be thinking to yourselves, ‘we didn’t even know she had a boyfriend’. Well, that’s right, neither did anyone. This new relationship is recently hitting the media, and everyone is feeling excited by it, almost as if it was them who got a new boyfriend, and not a woman they have never even met.

Let us introduce you to Amy’s new boyfriend. His name is Ben Hanisch and his claim to fame (accept dating Amy) is that he is a furniture designer. Now, we are definitely not against celebrities dating your average joe, hell we encourage it. It gives us all hope.

Rumor has it the couple met through a dating app called bumble. Bumble is a ‘feminist’ app where the woman must initiate conversation with the guy in order for them to be able to chat. This sounds super romantic, but unfortunately Amy has denied ever using the app.

In typical Amy style, her first reaction was humor, and she delivered a whole list of news to the public, all in one go. ‘Inside Amy Schumer season 5 got picked up!’ she told the Daily Mail, ‘And my boyfriend and I got engaged and married and had a baby and he cheated on me with the nanny!’ That’s a lot to handle. What have you achieved so far in 2016?

But Amy took it one step further with her jokes (we think), and this is where the headline of this article comes in.

This is the picture Ben Hanisch posted on Instagram, check out his adorable caption.

Isn’t that sweet? How would you react to a post like this by your new boyfriend? A heart emoticon? A smiley face? Not Amy though. She commented on the post saying: ‘I’m pregnant. I didn’t know how else to tell you.’


So get ready to see another mini-Amy running around Hollywood, doing ridiculous things and making people laugh (and building furniture at the same time, we guess). Congrats to the new couple on the happy news.