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Harry Styles Is Shocked by Ex-Taylor Swift’s break-up with Calvin Harris

Harry Styles was not the only one who was surprised to hear about Taylor and Calvin’s break-up, after 15 months of dating.

Harry admits that he was almost certain that the couple would get engaged, and didn’t see the break-up coming at all.

The couple seemed so happy together, and Taylor was even SPOTTED cheering for him recently as he headlined at Coachella.

What could have caused this sudden decision to end their relationship? No one seems to know yet.

Whatever the reason, Harry seems certain that Calvin will receive the same treatment as he received after their break-up, and that is a whole album of sad songs dedicated to him.

Taylor wrote “Out of the Woods” about Harry, using the lyrics “Your necklace hanging from my neck …. Two paper airplanes flying, flying…” which referred to the necklace which Harry always wore. When it was spotted on Taylor’s neck, everyone knew for certain they were a couple.

Well, we are sorry to hear about the break-up, but we look forward to the amazing music that is sure to come.

Taylor Swift is shaking her breakup right off

Thanks to support from her friends and family, Taylor Swift is shaking her breakup off! She seems to be handling the recent breakup from Calvin Harris extremely well. 1462454660-hair-flip-taylor

You may have heard about the shocking split between the couple recently. Many were convinced that they would be getting engaged soon, but the opposite happened instead.

Just last week, Taylor was spotted cheering Calvin on in Coachella, where he headlined. Things happened quickly and caught everyone off-guard.

We are happy to see how well Taylor seems to be doing though, and are sure this breakup will bring about a whole lot of amazing songs. The couple was together for a whole 15 months.



Taylor Swift crashes wedding just days after her breakup

Just days after her breakup to her 15 month long boyfriend Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift crashes a wedding to perform Blank Space.

She even adds a cheeky picture on her Instagram, together with the newly married couple,Max Singer married Kenya Smith, and captions it ‘Third Wheel’.


The grooms sister apparently invited Taylor to perform at the wedding, after reaching out to her over their recent loss of their mother. Max was a huge fan and even danced with his mother to Blank Space in the hospital.

Taylor performed the song Blank Space on the piano in front of all the guests, while Max and Kenya enjoyed their first dance.

Who Slept With Who Last Night?

Celebrities just can’t ever keep it in their pants… Who slept with who?

Looks like Miley’s new lifestyle is starting to catch up with her. Even she needs to cross a line at some point. Sleeping with your dog again, Miley? miley dog

Justin Bieber will make do with his own hands. Less drama, he says.bieber

A little birdie told us Taylor wasn’t alone in her bed last night…taylor

Lindsay Lohan is sleeping on the couch. Who kicked her out of bed? #sleepingalonelohan

Kendall Jenner has Calvin Klein to keep her company.kendall

Worst Dressed Celebs of the Week

Because everyone knows you can’t be a gossip site unless you have a ‘Worst Dressed’ feature, and we are more than happy to oblige. Now, okay, we know celebrities only wear what they are paid to wear, but we hope they got paid a hell of a lot to wear these ridiculous outfits. Bleh, puke, gross!

1.Gwen Stefani

A photo posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

This girl has lost it, she might have loved judging others on The Voice, but now it’s time to judge her. That dress is beyond tacky, and those sparkles should be ripped right off and burnt. Those tights shout out trash. It’s not sexy, it’s not classy, it’s just terrible! How the hell did she land her country singer co-star on The Voice, Blake Shelton, wearing THAT?!

2. Rita Ora

A photo posted by Rita Ora (@ritaora) on

How did she manage to get hold of those boots, we thought those were all disposed off after the terrible fashion crisis of the 90s. Alright, we wouldn’t mind so bad, but the mix-match of her clothes just shout out CLASH. The hat looks like it belongs in some country side horse racing event with the royal family, while those trousers look like they belong in the horse stables. If you’re getting paid to wear certain clothes, make sure you do it justice and match it to the rest of your outfit.

3. Miley Cyrus

Morning pee pee

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

We know Miley is just shouting out for attention, but we can’t help giving it to her. This bright green polka dot coat should never be worn, and that means both inside and outside the house. (Although why she would need to wear it inside while doing her ‘morning pee pee’ is beyond us). Seriously Miley? When it comes to Miley and her crazy outfits, well, sometimes we have to say it is more entertaining than devastating.

4. Justin Bieber

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

What are our thoughts on Justin’s new haircut. Honestly… Who cares? Okay fine, we’ll say this, it just doesn’t match his car. But if he is still trying to get rid of his feminine name, he probably shouldn’t be wearing a hair tie so often. Now his outfit, those pants are so baggy we doubt he can walk in them, and that sweater belongs to some heavy metal singer, not the king of pop music for little girls. Alright, we’ll stop bullying Justin now, in case we hurt his feelings.

5. Carly Rae Jepsen

We still haven’t forgiven her for getting ‘Call Me Maybe’ stuck in our heads for hours on end, so we might be a little harsh. She looks like she has grown up by 20 years in that outfit. She looks like a middle aged mother of two, and we mean that in the best possible way (or do we?). We are sure she tried to go for classy… buuuuttt she failed!

73rd Golden Globe Awards or Should We Say: Golden Worst Dressed Awards?

Are they ahead of their time or just completely insane?

Rooney Mara brooming the floor


Looks like Rooney Mara dragged her broom with her from home and is mopping the floor to prepare for the Awards. Thanks Rooney!

Jane Fonda napkin dress


Someone doesn’t want to get her dress dirty when she eats. Looks like she is wearing a napkin around her neck. Seriously Jane?

Jennifer Lopez is bringing tacky back


Looks like Jenny from the block came to the Awards this year. This has to be one of the tackiest dresses. Even the man behind her can’t stop his smirk.

Cate Blanchett came in her grandmother’s nightgown


Cate was definitely trying to repel some stalker. We bet it worked… This dress is so unflattering, it’s as if her grandmother dressed her.

Emilia Clarke, the teenage witch


Don’t get her too mad, or she might just cast an evil spell on you. She seems to be deep in thought. Is she thinking about the potion she is making at home?

Heidi Klum had a fight with a bird on the way to the Awards


This feathery dress looks like it belongs in the jungle, not a Golden Globes Award Ceremony. We pity the bird who made Heidi mad enough to steal all its feathers.

Kate Bosworth the sequence Queen


This dress is made entirely of glitzy sequins. It might look like the kind of thing you may find in a garage sale, but we can guarantee this dress costs thousands of dollars. Looks like you got ripped off, Kate.