Harry Styles was not the only one who was surprised to hear about Taylor and Calvin’s break-up, after 15 months of dating.

Harry admits that he was almost certain that the couple would get engaged, and didn’t see the break-up coming at all.

The couple seemed so happy together, and Taylor was even SPOTTED cheering for him recently as he headlined at Coachella.

What could have caused this sudden decision to end their relationship? No one seems to know yet.

Whatever the reason, Harry seems certain that Calvin will receive the same treatment as he received after their break-up, and that is a whole album of sad songs dedicated to him.

Taylor wrote “Out of the Woods” about Harry, using the lyrics “Your necklace hanging from my neck …. Two paper airplanes flying, flying…” which referred to the necklace which Harry always wore. When it was spotted on Taylor’s neck, everyone knew for certain they were a couple.

Well, we are sorry to hear about the break-up, but we look forward to the amazing music that is sure to come.