Hillary Clinton Cancelled Fireworks Display If She Wins

Tuesday night is the night we’ve all been waiting for. For Hillary Clinton, IF she wins, it will be a night she has been waiting for her entire life.

There was a fireworks display due to light the sky over Hudson River when the election results went final. Hillary’s campaign has decided to cancel these fireworks if she wins, according to The Coast Guard.Fireworks of various colors bursting against a black background

Apparently, the campaign is refusing to provide any explanation for this sudden change of plans. What do you think it could be?

The fireworks was going to be viewed from the Jacob Javits Center, where she’s holding her election night party. Everyone knows that a good party requires a fireworks display!

Hillary seems to be a party pooper, we just hope she has a good reason. Or is she showing that she’s going to be serious about running this country, and won’t waste her energy on anything fun.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton might not be the person you want at your party, but she is going to run her party in another way entirely.