Kim Kardashian, along with many other celebs, turns to social media and twits her frustration with the gun control laws in the US. After the FBI revealed that the Orlando terrorist, named Omar Mateen, who murdered 50 innocent lives and injured 53, was in fact previously listed on a terrorist watch list.

This was one of several twits, the mom of two said:

“I’m truly at a loss for words. To everyone in Orlando affected by this massacre, my thoughts, love, & prayers are with u.

“Under current federal law people on terror watch lists can legally buy guns — this is called the Terror Gap.”

“I just can’t believe this is the world we live in today.” Katy Perry also posted on her twitter.

Ariana Grande wrote: “How how how how can one have so much hate ????? My heart…… is so broken. Praying for the families of the Orlando victims. I am so sorry.”

As pictures were released of the aftermath of the attack, as well as of the victims whose lives were taken from them, the world was in shock.

Justin Timberlake said: “Last night – in celebration of pride- a group of people – people like you or me or your neighbours or family were dancing & listening to music & celebrating life, just like you or me or your neighbors would. And then, one man and one gun took that life away from them. That’s cruel. And it’s exactly against what America stands for.”