Miley Cyrus Dies Her Hair Blonde to Celebrate 10 Years since Hannah Montana

In honor of Hannah Montana’s 10 year anniversary, Miley Cyrus has decided to die her hair blonde. 10919211_616141395203392_42746659_n


Hannah Montana was the show that started it all. Miley was a normal teenager living a double life in the show, as Miley by day and Hannah Montana, a famous singer, by night.

It’s been 10 years since the show, and it’s probably time for all of us to accept that the innocent Miley on that show has grown up now.

Since Miley got even more famous than Hannah Montana ever was, she has taken her character to the extreme, doing whatever it takes to get attention and shock her fans. She went from being every child’s favorite celeb to a parent’s nightmare.

Now that she is blonde, will her behavior go back to that of Hannah Montana, or will she just show us that blondes have more fun?miley

Well, whether or not you approve of her in general, you’re probably still pretty amused by her. Whether she is out wearing fake male parts, dying her underarm hair pink or posting pictures of herself smoking a J on Instagram, she is always able to get the media’s attention, and that is something not everyone is able to achieve.

Wow, has it really been 10 years since the show began? Maybe it is time to really accept that Miley Cyrus has grown up. She is no longer a child behaving bad, but rather, an adult behaving childish.